My games!

Some games I have made. I made most of these when I was younger, but I thought I would put them here for old time’s sake.

recent games 


My entry for Mini Ludum Dare #31. Run away from your pursuer though an infine maze of rooms. It got written about by edge which surprised me.

play here.


Lost. alone

My recent ludum dare entry. You wonder around a desert trying to find someone. I might go back and finish it sometime.

play here.


Unnamed platformer

My work in progress flash platform game. Each level morphs in a different way.

Play here.



A fairly standard arena shooter I made for practice.

Play here.


Older games


Agent Bluepants

This is a platformer I made with my sisters when I was 14, so be warned. It makes no sense and is completely brilliant.

Play here.


Jet The Robot

A shooter where you play as a robot with a jetpack.

Play here.

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