DARK RUN has been released!

Play it here!

Earlier in the year I made a jam game called RUN. Some people seemed to think it was good (including edge), so I thought I would make a way more finished/better version of it and possibly try to make some money from it via sponsorship. I managed to do both!. This is the first reasonably sized game I’ve ever finished and the first I have made money from. I guess this means I can call myself a proper game developer now.

3 thoughts on “DARK RUN has been released!

  1. […] remarks on his blog that he can call himself a “proper game developer now” as he worked on Dark Run more so […]

  2. Ramsar says:

    Found this game via Rock Paper Shotgun’s weekly free indie game feature (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/10/21/live-free-play-hard-the-weeks-bestest-free-indie-games/). Just commenting here to congratulate you with your great game! I’ve recently started with game development myself and your game is definitely inspirational. Can I ask in what language/engine you coded this?

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