DARK RUN has been released!

Play it here!

Earlier in the year I made a jam game called RUN. Some people seemed to think it was good (including edge), so I thought I would make a way more finished/better version of it and possibly try to make some money from it via sponsorship. I managed to do both!. This is the first reasonably sized game I’ve ever finished and the first I have made money from. I guess this means I can call myself a proper game developer now.

My mini ludum dare game, RUN, is featured on Edge!

Play it here, read the edge article here!

This is the first time one of my games has ever got onto a games news site, never mind EDGE. I’m a totally a noob programmer and this was only the second time I’ve entered ludum dare.  So awesome.

Ludum Dare 22

I entered for the first time. You can play the game I made here and rate it here.

The game was originality going to be way more interesting,  but I at least got some of what I wanted in. I think LD was a positive experience on the whole, if not just for encouraging me to actually make something. I will be doing it again next time, hopefully with more experience and less panicking.



Game progress

It has a ship. And some stars. Hooray!

A blog post


The header turned out quite nicely even though I’m not sure how well it fits with the theme…

And for no reason, here are some screenshots I have taken:

Night action

FarCry2 river